Shopper Insight
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Examples of Beneficial Outcomes

  • Determine the statistical correlations between behaviors, brain responses and categories, along the path to purchase

  • Determine best package design during shelf navigation (both real and virtual)

  • Gain a non-verbal understanding of the drivers influencing purchase behavior (emotion, etc.)

  • Optimization of POP displays and category markers through investigation of eye-tracking, in combination with the neural responses.

One of the most exciting technological milestones accomplished by Sands Research is the ability to send study participants out into the real world. The EEG and Eye-tracking data is collected using a 68 channel cap, miniature binocular eye cameras and a single tiny scene camera, all powered by lightweight battery packs in a small hip bag or purse. Our Shopper Insight research typically focuses on:

  • Purchase Decision Behavior

  • Planogram and Shelf Navigation

  • Categorical Engagement

  • Display Effectiveness (Attract, Engage and Convert)


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