EL PASO, Texas-

Leading neuromarketing firm Sands Research Inc. and its Chairman and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Steve Sands announced today a breakthrough in the rapidly growing field of applying neuroscience in the field of market research.  The Company announced the capabilities to now employ high-density arrays of EEG sensors to capture brainwave activity across the full brain at 10,000 times a second per sensor.  

From their R&D and manufacturing facility in El Paso, Texas, Dr. Sands relayed that the increased sensitivity of the Sands Research system combined with their Neuromedia™ Software package, provides unique consumer insight compared to other neuromarketing firms focused on advertising, packaging and media research.

"We are pleased to advance the knowledge in this field and demonstrate that the use of EEG application is the only technology presently available that can maintain real-time data acquisition at the speed the brain functions." stated Sands. "With this release, we collect EEG data at five times the speed of systems utilized by NeuroFocus, our nearest competitor and others in the field."

 "Additionally, this advancement in sample rate technology allowed us to implement new signal processing algorithms with the ability to eliminate artifact coming from muscle and eye-related movements.  A key issue for potentially corrupting EEG data collection." continued Sands.

Sands Research is the only fully vertically integrated, whole head EEG systems manufacturer in the neuromarketing field.  The US based factory manufacturers from the conductive gel to the cap to the data acquisition hardware and software to the final analysis and reporting software.  "Developing and owning the intellectual property for the complete process allows us to quickly implement the on-going discoveries in this new field of market research." added SRI's Chief Science Officer.

Dr. Sands, along with SRI's President/CEO Ron Wright, have pioneered advancements in EEG, cognitive neuroscience and neuro-imaging for over twenty plus years.  Their first company, Neuroscan Inc., is the largest supplier of EEG systems and software to university and national research laboratories with over 2,000 customers worldwide.  In 2008, they formed Sands Research Inc. to apply the knowledge coming out of cognitive neuroscience research to the advertising and market research industry.

Sands Research Inc. ( is a pioneer in applying cognitive neuroscience technology for unique insight into the consumer's response to television and print advertisements, product packaging and digital media. Combined with pre- and post- questionnaires, the Company provides a comprehensive, objective analysis of the viewer's engagement in the marketing material being presented by an advertiser.

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