Press Releases
March 3, 2014: Neurons and Sands Research to Merge

May 15, 2012: Pepsi's "Kings Court" Takes  the Crown in Sands Fifth Annual Super Bowl Ranking

December 27, 2011: Wall St. Journal and AdWeek Agree with Sands Research #1 Ranking

July 28, 2011: Sands Research and Brain Intelligence Establish Neuromarketing Alliance in China and Globally

May 23, 2011: POPAI Launches Shopper Engagement Study

February 16, 2011: VW Darth Vader Achieves Highest Score To Date On Sands Research Annual Super Bowl Ad Neuro Ranking

September 14, 2010: Sands Research and Inner Truth Establish Neuromarketing Alliance for Australian Corporations

May 12, 2010: Sands Research Achieves Neuromarketing Breakthrough Captures Highest Rate of EEG Data Acquisition

March 6, 2010: Sands Research Offers Condolences Regarding the Passing of Advisory Board Member Andrew Jaffe, Former Editor of Adweek

February 24, 2010:
Sands Research Announces Results of Neuromarketiing Study Ranking Effectiveness of 2010 Super Bowl Commercials

January 28, 2010: Sands Research and Market Watch Ltd. Deliver Neuromarketing Services to Israeli Market

January 6, 2010: Top Retail Marketing Exec Joins Sands Board & SRI Opens UK Office

September 15, 2009: Sands Research 2009 Super Bowl Neuromarketing Study Matches Creative Arts Emmy Awards

August 11, 2009: Neuromarketing Pioneer Richard Bell Joins Sands Research Advisory Board

February 24, 2009: In Definitive Study - Sands Research Challenges Instant Analysis of 2009 Super Bowl XLIII Ads

December 10, 2008: Sands Research Announces New Service to Perform Neuromarketing Analysis from Storyboard to Finished Product

February 11, 2008: Sands Research Conducts Real-Time Brain Imaging of Viewers Exposed to Superbowl Commercials

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