Sam's Club: A Case Study on Logo Evaluation

In a world where we are bombarded my thousands of logos everyday, each one trying to pique our interest to reinforce the brand, knowing how the consumer's neurology is affected by this message is an important piece of the puzzle. The following case study demonstrates how an Advertising Agency utilized Sands Research's proprietary IP analysis to determine consumer preferences of a logo prior to presenting it to the client.

Some keys steps in the process include:
     1) Randomized presentation of logo candidates to participants via computer screen
     2) Multidimensional scaling to determine how participants categorize logos
     3) Analysis of brain response to each logo, relative to multidimensional scaling
     4) Final candidates selected based on a combination of behavioral and neurological data

'Sustainability' Logo Candidates

Sands Research uses a unique array of tools to quantify the neurological preferences of print advertisements, logos, product packaging, and even product placement. Through multidimensional scaling we use statistically significant data to determine levels of engagement in response to the marketing medium. Exploring the similarities and dissimilarities allow for clarity and unbiased preferences to be discovered and plotted on a perceptual grid.

Figure 1: Multidimensional scaling to determine neurological preferences

Figure 2: Cortical responses utilizing multiple paired trials

Third Best Engagement Level with Logo Concept: Per the bar graph below, the increased intensity of the color (yellow represents most intense) represented, the greater the emotional engagement level with the logo. In addition, activity located in the parietal (rear) lobes of the brain are associated with emotion, versus the frontal lobes of the brain, which are associated with reasoning.

Highest, Most Intense Engagement Level with Logo Concept

Second Best Engagement level with Logo Concept

Sam’s Club selected to use this logo design for their very successful "Simple Steps for Saving Green" campaign which easily identifies environmentally friendly products throughout their stores. Click the image above to view the Sam's Club Sustainability Logo in action.

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